Hey friends 👋 

Thanks for checking out Essentiali 😀

It's been on my bucket-list for ages to launch my own stationery brand. As much as I'm a fan of all things digital, there's something special about physical, analogue products that the digital world can't really compete with. 

I designed the Essentiali products in the way that most suited the way I work. They're a culmination of many years of exploring various productivity techniques, where I landed on a pretty simple way to organise my time and to make sure I'm being intentional in the way I use it. 

If you're also a fan of aesthetic-but-functional physical stationery, I hope you'll like what we've got on offer 🚀

Take care! 

Ali xx

In case you were wondering, all Essentiali products are manufactured in the EU 🇪🇺.